• Metallic bikinis by TeenyB Bikini Couture
  • Metallic Bikini

    It’s hard not to notice the gloss and shine of a metallic bikini. Granted, they were designed that way, but the allure, appeal and affect of the metallic bikini goes beyond the look of the typical bikini. The special fabric used to make these eye-catching bathing suits creates a surface that catches the light and glistens in the sun.

    Ever since Princess Leia was seen wearing a gold bikini in Star Wars, the metallic bikini has slowly gained more and more popularity. The most common colors were golds and silvers, perhaps a few coppers. But since then, most every color is now available in a metallic version. Shiny versions of reds, blues, pinks, purples and greens are popping up everywhere and attracting all sorts of attention.

    Style wise, the metallic bikini comes in any cut of top or bottom you prefer. It’s just a matter of finding the right one that suits your liking. The most readily available style is the triangle top with string tie bottom. This classic bikini is certainly offered in all kinds of metallic colors so rest assured you’ll be able to find the one you’re searching for. If you prefer to show off a sexier side, metallic bikinis are also made in micro versions. Skimpier bottoms like Brazilian cut, thong or g-string are becoming more and more popular, and tops with smaller cups are also out there as well.

    Hologram Bikini

    The hologram bikini is very much like the metallic bikini. The fabric of this vinyl-like material includes holographic specs that reflect the light a bit better than the regular metallic bikini. Where as the metallic style has a fair amount of shine to it, the hologram bikini has a much shiner, much glossier effect. The result? A bikini with tons of shine that will attract much more attention!

    Shiny Bikini

    Put on a bikini with some shine to it and you’ll definitely be turning heads your way while you wear it. There’s a reason we have reflective safety gear, lighthouses, blinking lights and flashing signs. All of these things use light to get your attention and the same certainly applies to bikinis as well. Let the sun shine on your bikini and let the sparkling decor or shimmery fabric do the rest!

    Beaded Bikini

    Go for some flare and change it up a bit! A beaded bikini can adds lots of texture and style all in one suit. There are so many different patterns ranging from a lot of beading to just a little here and there. Some are colored, some are clear. Some have sparkle, others are matte. There’s a whole range of options when it comes to a beaded bikini so you’re sure to find something that appeals to your tastes.

    Bikini Trends

    Lately, bikini trends have been leaning towards trims and embellishments. Certainly there are times to go for a more classic and demure look, but fancy accents have been gaining lots of popularity in the world of swimwear. Look for bikinis that have that little something extra like metal accents, wooden trims, beading, sequins, puckering, pleating or ruffles. You can’t go wrong with a little more decor!